Flirt with me

Top / Tunic. Lady size 32 – 60

Great pattern! Everything from a simple everyday top to a nice tunic. Spacious around the stomach and hips.

Free and beautiful loose model that can be varied with tabs on one or both sides or make it as a straight top. Two lengths with / without pockets. There are two short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves with / without cuffs. Three necklines, two of which can be sewn with collar. Choose between V-ring, plain ring or boat shape. The model is spacious. Flirt with me is best suited for stretch fabrics with a nice case such as viscose knitwear

Fabric: Knitwear / jersey, viscose fabric.

Height adjustment! Choose your length when cutting the parts, 150 – 190 cm

Excellent color-coded designs that contain both petite and plus sizes!

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