Printing Tips


The files are sent out automatically by Etsy but may vary depending on payment method. Everything from a few minutes to a few hours.
You can download the PDF files from your page on Etsy. After purchases, they end up on “purchases”. These are PDF files and I recommend a pdf reader where you can change to “real size” and “automatic portrait / landscape” on the print page.
Always open the PDF file in a PDF browser and not in the explorer / browser. For example, use Adobe Reader or PDF X-change. It is important to measure the check box so that it is exactly 30 mm * 30 mm otherwise the garment may not be as you imagined.

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There are arrows on the pattern and these you put with the tips towards each other. There is also an overview of the patterns so you can see how the papers should be.

Acrobat Reader

Layers panel

A. The eye icon indicates a layer that appears
B. Locked layer
C. Hidden layer

Select View > Show / Hide > Navigation Panels > Layers.

To hide a layer, click the eye icon.
To view a hidden layer, click the empty box.

PDF X-Change

Open the pattern file in the program.

Press ctrl + L to bring up the box with all layers (clothing sizes).
Uncheck the sizes you do not want to print.
Look for the check box and print it first and check that it is correct.

ctrl + L
If the box is not visible, it may have been reduced. Press the small arrow on the edge.
You can also find layers via the menu. View – Other – Stock.

print menu

Choose print and make sure the scale is none ie it becomes 100% / real scale.
Choosing Print as Images can make the lines stronger.

FAQ – Questions and Answers

Q: Should you cut everything outside the edge and arrows then? Cannot fit my new pattern properly even though the check box is correct.

A: Sometimes the printer can move the paper a few millimeters to the sides, making it difficult to set exactly. Most often it will be good anyway. You cut away an edge and tape the papers overlaid. Be careful when you tape because if you tape a little obliquely on a sheet it can be a big mistake at the end.

Q: I just printed my size but some lines go beyond my size. Should I care about them?

A: No, they are long to cover all sizes. If you print all sizes, it doesn’t look “weird”. Even some text can end up being ‘skewed’ but looks quite normal when all layers are enabled.