Sunday Morning

Tunic / dress. Women size 32 – 60

A favorite pattern for many!

This pattern is meant for knitwear / jersey and has a number of different possibilities for variation. There are three lengths with or without pockets; top, tunic or dress. The sleeve can be made short, 3/4, 3/4 with cuffs or long sleeves. The neckline is either plain round, boat shape or V-ring. You can divide the front piece and / or the back piece or you can have both in one piece. You can choose wrinkled front piece for more width.

Also suitable for pregnant women with wrinkled front piece!

Fabric: Knitwear / jersey, viscose fabric.

Height adjustment! Choose your length when cutting the parts, 150 – 190 cm

Excellent color-coded designs that contain both petite and plus sizes!

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